Vagrant Machine

To make it easier to try out ReproZip to pack the examples presented here, we have created a Virtual Machine, which we also use for our own demos. Note that you don't need it to unpack, it just provides the original experiments with their dependencies so you can re-create those packages.

This VM is also created using a Vagrantfile that automatically configures a machine, install the dependencies, and sets up the following examples:

To startup the machine, make sure you have Vagrant and VirtualBox installed, and then run the following:

$ vagrant up prebuilt --provider virtualbox

Note that this will take some time for the first time, since all the dependencies will need to be properly installed. By default, the machine starts in headless mode (no UI visible on the host machine). To boot it with a GUI, uncomment the v.gui = true line in the Vagrantfile.

You can then get a shell in the virtual machine using vagrant ssh.

Instructions on how to run each of the examples in this machine are available in their respective pages.